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To prepare strategic research for a new development or budget planning for your business, or if you’re looking to make improvements or expand an existing site, you need to know whom to contact to power up your project. In order to fast-track your work and help you find great rates, we’ve included a breakdown of Brenham’s utility companies.

City of Brenham


The city's Electric Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of 119 miles of distribution feeder lines. Focused on the specific needs of their customers, the electric department provides excellent electric service reliability and quick response time to power outages.


The City of Brenham's Gas Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 122 miles of gas mains and serves more than 4,100 customers. Dedicated to gas system safety, the Brenham Gas Department has consistently been awarded for its “excellent” performance rating.


Brenham has an excellent long-range water supply, treatment and distribution capacity. Water for our city is supplied from nearby Somerville Lake, and we currently have a contract with the Brazos River Authority for 4,200-acre feet per year, with the plant rated at 6.98 million gallons per day.


The City of Brenham's Wastewater Collection Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of 139 miles of sewer mains, 6,243 sewer connections, over 2,000 manholes and serves more than 6,400 customers.

More Information

For a list of City of Brenham staff contacts, rates/tariffs, application forms and more, please visit the Public Utilities page.

Electric - Blubonnet Electric Cooperative

Bluebonnet is one of the largest electric cooperatives in the state. Since 1939, they’ve been committed to providing safe, reliable and affordable power to its neighbors in 14 Central Texas counties. Today, they’re among the most progressive, technologically advanced utility companies in the country.

Fiber Internet

Business requires reliable broadband communication capabilities. That is why the Brazos Valley Council of Governments invested in a fiber loop that connects the region with high-speed Internet access.

AT&T, Spectrum, Viasat, Suddenlink, HughesNet, and Nextlink provide broadband with a host of options and competitive pricing. No matter what your needs may be, you can find the connection your company needs to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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