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Cost of Living

Where Cost of Living is a Benefit

It just makes dollars and cents. One of the top benefits to living and doing business in Brenham, Texas, is our cost of living. When compared with neighboring cities, major markets, and statewide and national averages, the city of Brenham stands out as one of the most economical, providing valuable savings that could be reinvested in your company, your home, or to improve your quality of life. It all adds up. When you couple that with the ability to still have easy access to the larger markets of Austin and Houston, our cost of living becomes an incredible benefit.

Average Cost of Living
Less than US Average

The following categories are based on a national average of 100 for the United States, so a 86.8 average for overall cost of living in Brenham would be 11.6% less expensive than the U.S. average.

Overall Cost of Living

Brenham- 85.8
College Station- 88.5
Houston- 95.5
Austin- 129.4
Texas- 93.9         


Brenham- 81.8 
College Station- 106.2
Houston- 80.2
Austin- 159.6
Texas- 84.3

Sources: BestPlaces.net & AreaVibes.com