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What Sets Brenham Apart

Manufacturing built Brenham! From its founding nearly two centuries ago, Brenham has leveraged its resources and strategic position between Austin and Houston to provide optimal advantages to benefit the variety of manufacturing industries who make their home here.

In the mid-1800s, factories utilized the region’s abundant agricultural resources. In the mid-1900s, businessmen formed the Brenham Industrial Foundation to acquire land for an industrial park. And today, Brenham takes pride in and continues to support our current manufacturers, as well as striving to create a welcoming environment for new industries and companies.

Manufacturers Who Choose Brenham

DR Metals


HDL Research

Hi-Line Industries

MIC Group

Precision Polymers

Quest Specialty

RR Donnelly

Tempur Sealy Mattress

TFE Company

Valmont Structures

Wabtec / Longwood Elastomers

Transmodal Logistics

Due to its prime location, the Texas Triangle is one of the fastest growing regions of the United States. It’s centrally positioned in the United States, near manufacturing areas in Mexico, and it provides easy access to superior highway and rail infrastructure, as well as deepwater ports along the Gulf of Mexico.  

Typically, transportation of raw materials or finished goods is one of the primary cost centers for any manufacturer, so Brenham’s location on US Highway 290, equidistant between Houston and Austin, perfectly positions your business for cost-effective and efficient transportation. 

A Strong Labor Force

For manufacturers in Washington County, a strong employee workforce is one of the most critical factors to the success of their business. A truly capable workforce combines a strong mix of Skill, Reliability, and Dedication. The loss of even one of these could result in the loss of quality on-the-line and profitability for your bottom line. 

Relationships forged between Brenham area’s businesses and educational institutions help to ensure that customized training and skills taught in the classrooms are on point with the requirements of today’s companies and manufacturers.

Specialized course offerings at Blinn College’s highly respected AW Hodde Technical Education Center, along with Brenham and Burton Independent School Districts, prepare the skilled, incumbent employees you seek today, and provide the resources to keep your current team members ready for the innovation of tomorrow. 

Born of a long-standing rural worth ethic, Brenham’s workforce has deep roots, with reliability and dedication as the hallmarks that so many incoming businesses seek. In fact, numerous businesses in the region are the proud employers of associates with 20, 30, and even 40 years of dedicated service!