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Residential Development

Invest in the Future

Every day, more and more homeowners and apartment dwellers are being attracted to Brenham for its relaxed lifestyle, numerous amenities, charming downtown, and convenient proximity to Houston and Austin, just over an hour’s drive away.

These young professionals, families, and couples are seeking well-designed and well-built residences in planned communities and re-developed neighborhoods where they can live, work, and play.

If you’re a residential developer who can envision the potential of Brenham, you’ll find that we are often referred to as the “Easiest City to Work With” and are ready to partner with you and provide the incentives and support you need, as well as the lowest development costs (permitting/fees) in the region, making Brenham a winning investment.

Housing Study

In June 2021, Brenham | Washington County Economic Development worked closely with Houston-based company, Community Development Strategies (CDS) in compiling a Residential Needs Assessment.

The study contains the most recent research, analysis, and findings related to the housing market in Brenham and Washington County. Specialists from CDS evaluated the community’s economic trends, demographics, residents, workforce, and current housing inventory. Locals participated in the Workforce Housing Survey that was released in July 2021 to identify housing needs for those employed in Washington County.

This study incorporated considerable participation from Brenham and Washington County stakeholders, employers, real estate professionals, and government staff.

The results from the study will inform Brenham’s public agencies and the housing development industry to better understand the community’s present housing situation. It is hoped that beneficial policies may be implemented to encourage development of new housing choices for the community and its workforce. 

“Brenham CDS ResIntel Housing Study 2021”