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In Brenham Since

Brenham’s strategic location is a major factor for technology manufacturer Emerson, assisting with a high retention of qualified employees and aided in its proximity to Brenham’s Blinn Technical College and nearby major universities for staff recruitment.

People who work at this facility would want to retire from this location. It helps the business to be stable, as well as keep growing.

Madhukar Keer
General Manager

Brenham’s strategic location is a major factor for Emerson, maintaining a higher employee retention and tenure length. Emerson has been a part of the close-knit Brenham community for over 24 years, producing advanced seal technology for a range of smart instruments to safely and reliably measure pressure and level for chemical and oil/gas companies. Emerson utilizes the city’s favorable business climate, lifestyle, and its proximity to Blinn Technical College in Brenham, as well as nearby Texas A&M and UT Austin, to recruit top candidates.

Emerson is a $17.4-billion global technology and engineering company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

75+ Miles
From Emerson's 2 Largest Customer Bases – Houston & the Gulf Coast