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Years in Brenham
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Bencor was formed in 1992 in Christine Giese’s living room when she decided to stop working for someone else and launch her own business. Giese and cousin, Cynthia Martinez built printed circuit boards, raised children, and grew a business that soon required a larger facility. That led Bencor to Brenham in 1995 where Giese found quality of life amenities and a pro-business environment that supported both business and family goals. Bencor provides printed circuit board manufacturing and PCB assembly services for customers across the United States. Bencor is also recognized as a Minority (Hispanic) Woman Owned Business!

Video on Bencor LLC manufacturing

"I picked Brenham, because it was really centrally located and I could do everything I needed to do and still be home at a decent hour."

Christine Giese