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Kountry Boys Sausage

Food Industries
Started the Company
Number of Employees

Brian Bender started Kountry Boys Sausage in 1999 using his grandmother’s recipe. In 2005 Bender’s nephew, Todd Steele, joined the company. Production has grown from about 1,000 pounds per day to over 25,000 pounds per day. The need to expand production led the company to Brenham in 2018. Bender and Steele chose the site in Brenham’s Southwest Industrial Park because utility infrastructure was in place and community incentives were available. Access to municipal gas provided a significant cost reduction to Kountry Boys operations. They consider the loyalty of their well-qualified workers to be a top contributor to Kountry Boys success.

“{We have} a great group of people—a lot of good, hard-working people that have been with us for 17 or 18 years.”

Brian Bender