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Independence Coffee

Facility Size
20,000 SF
In Brenham Since

Ragan and Christi Bond of Independence Coffee Co. moved from Houston to Brenham to start their coffee roasting business. The company now annually roasts over 650,000 pounds of coffee from 13 global countries/regions in their 20,000 square-foot Brenham production facility.

We literally travelled locations all over the region to determine which place we wanted to move to. It’s a decision that 17 years later... and we have never looked back.

Christi Bond

Ragan and Christi Bond are proud owners of Independence Coffee Co. in Brenham and cite their strong connection with the community and the support their business received from the city as just a few of the reasons they chose to move from Houston and start their business in Brenham. The Texas-based coffee roasting company got its start in 2003 and now roasts over 650,000 pounds of Arabica beans from 13 global countries/regions in their 20,000 square-foot production facility. The company distributes through their online shop and through major brick and mortar grocery chains, such as H-E-B and Whole Foods.