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Remote Workers Welcome to Washington County

KPMG released their 2020 CEO Outlook last week*. The bottom line is that CEOs from top corporations worldwide remain confident despite a challenging environment. Growth, albeit slower than was anticipated this time last year, is still the forecast. 

One of the most interesting results of the survey confirms a trend we have seen over the past few months in the calls and emails we field in the Brenham | Washington County Economic Development office. The majority of CEOs are embracing the remote work and digital collaboration world of work that was forced upon them by the pandemic.

  • 68% of CEOs say they will downsize their office space, 
  • 76% say they will continue to build on the use of digital collaboration and communication, 
  • 78% say remote working has resulted in significant changes to company policy in order to nurture their organization’s culture, and 
  • 72% say that working remotely has widened their potential talent pool.

What does this mean in Washington County, Texas? Well, it means that employees can now choose to live in a small town and still maintain a lucrative, challenging career that previously required the employee to live near an urban hub. It means that these high-salaried individuals can choose to invest in the great amenities of life in Brenham.

We have access to major metros with international airports. We have quality educational opportunities. We have beautiful recreational amenities. We have lower cost of living compared to larger metros. We have rapidly expanding broadband access throughout our county that will support remote working. We have lifestyle options suitable for young, single professionals, to working families, to empty-nesters preparing for an active retirement. Washington County is poised to enjoy the growth that is coming.

 Remote workers—welcome to the good life in Washington County, Texas!

*Link to full KPMG 2020 CEO Outlook