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National Manufacturing Day Spotlight: Valmont Industries

Friday is National Manufacturing Day, and KWHI is celebrating some of the key figures in Brenham and Washington County’s manufacturing industry.

Monday, KWHI took a look at Del Sol Food Company. Today (Tuesday), we’ll move over to Valmont Industries.

In Brenham at 2551 Valmont Drive, Valmont Industries focuses on making engineering products and services for infrastructure, as well as irrigation equipment and solutions for agriculture.

Valmont began as a manufacturing company in 1946, when founder Robert Daugherty invested his life savings in a farm machine shop in Valley, Nebraska. In 1974, the Valmont facility in Brenham began as American Lighting Standards.

Brenham plant manager Tim Murray said the facility has since been in continuous operation for 45 years, currently employing over 250 associates.

While Valmont announced earlier this year it would relocate Brenham’s galvanizing kettle to a facility near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Murray said the company plans to expand manufacturing operations in Brenham over the next three years.

Murray added that Valmont continues to do well, maintaining relationships with businesses that have “strong, enduring, long-term drivers”.

Murray said, in order to accomplish Valmont’s plans for expansion in Brenham, it needs to attract, develop, and retain a highly skilled workforce. He said the company will continue to partner with local educational institutions such as the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service, the A.W. Hodde, Jr. Technical Education Center, and Brenham High School.

Original article written by Josh Blaschke with KWHI and you can read it here.