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National Manufacturing Day Spotlight: QuestSpecialties

Tomorrow (Friday) is National Manufacturing Day, and this week KWHI is recognizing a few of the renowned manufacturers in Brenham and Washington County.

Wednesday, KWHI talked with Emerson. Today (Thursday), we’ll take a look at QuestSpecialty Corporation.

Located in Brenham at 2001 East Tom Green Street, QuestSpecialty manufactures janitorial supply-type chemicals with a focus on increasing community health, like cleaning supplies and bug sprays. The chemicals are made in the Brenham facility and sold to distributors, who then put their own labels on the products and sell them to schools, restaurants, businesses and homes.

QuestSpecialty was incorporated in Houston in 1982. It moved about eight years ago to Brenham, where all of its facilities and operations are now located.

Human Resources Director Shay Morrow said the last few years have seen an increase in production, resulting in many new jobs.

Morrow said the company has spent much time working with local agencies and organizations, like Brenham Economic Development, the Washington County Chamber of Commerce, and Blinn College, in order in increase training, communication, and safety.

Morrow added, while there are currently no plans for facility expansion, the company does have several goals in the near future.

Morrow said she recently met with the head of Texas A&M’s Industrial Organization Psychology program, and plans to have students visit the company next semester for fresh insight and ideas. She said the company is also working with the Texas Workforce Commission and area job fairs to help create job opportunities for local veterans.

Original article written by Josh Blaschke with KWHI and you can read it here.