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National Manufacturing Day Spotlight: Emerson

Friday is National Manufacturing Day, and KWHI is taking a look at some of the prominent manufacturers in Brenham and Washington County.

Tuesday, Valmont Industries was the company of discussion. Today (Wednesday), we’ll talk Emerson.

Located in Brenham at 1951 Highway 290 West, Emerson is a global technology and engineering company with a headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Brenham’s facility focuses on seal technology, which is shipped to other manufacturers—including chemical and oil and gas companies—to measure pressure levels.

The company began Brenham operations in 1993 as Pressure Instrumentation Components (PIC), before it was acquired by Emerson in 1995.

Madhukar Keer, General Manager of Emerson’s Brenham facility, said the products made in Brenham may not look the part, but they have a big impact in how other companies operate.

Keer said the facility currently has about 80 employees, who specialize in machining, welding, and maintenance. It ships over 150,000 remote seal units and components globally.

Keer said the future for the company looks very positive.

Keer said, in order to meet the demand for future manufacturing jobs, the company continues to support initiatives for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), both within the current workforce and from grade school to graduate studies.

Original article written by Josh Blaschke with KWHI and you can read it here.