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Educational Session - Open to the Public

Opportunity Open to the Public - November 16

As promised, there will be monthly educational sessions for the YellowTruck Market (YTM) retail incubator participants but is also available to the public - for free.

Educational courses will cater directly to entrepreneurs and business Owners to guide them through their journey to having a brick-and-mortar retail establishment, strong online presence, and/or a wholesale opportunity. The educational opportunities are not limited to YTM participants but will be open to the public for anyone to attend.

The first session will have guest speakers to discuss Business, Sales Tax, Legal Entities, and Contracting Employees. 

Location: Simon Theater, Bullock Ballroom

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 16 at 6PM

Presented by Seidel Schroeder

RSVP for attendance as there will be refreshments provided – email incubator@downtownbrenham.com  

Seidel Schroeder - Business, Sales Tax, Legal Entities, and Contracting Employees