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Blinn College Provides Positive Economic Impact on Washington County

The Blinn College District makes a $370.1 million economic impact on its local business community each year, according to a new study presented to the Blinn Board of Trustees. The study, conducted by Emsi, a leading provider of economic impact studies to educational institutions, shows that Blinn’s annual economic impact supports the equivalent of 6,010 jobs each year. The $370.1 million total includes $242.1 million in added income for Blinn students who enter the workforce with newly acquired knowledge and skills.

The study found that the Brenham Campus generates a $70.7 million annual impact on Washington County and supports 1,560 jobs, or one out of every 16 jobs in the county. The study also analyzed the return students, taxpayers, and society receive in return for their investment in Blinn College. Per the study, students receive a 14% rate of return on their investment in a Blinn education, while taxpayers receive a 13.6% rate of return. Additionally, for every dollar invested in Blinn, Texas residents receive $13.10 in return for as long as Blinn students remain active in the state workforce.

Washington County is fortunate to enjoy a strong partnership with Blinn College and looks forward to Blinn's continued growth in our community. For full details of the report: www.blinn.edu/impact