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All Jobs Matter

All Jobs Matter

Brenham Employers Want To Hire YOU!

There are a lot of jobs available right now, particularly jobs for the beginning and part-time worker.

Jobs in fast food or retail are in high demand because our community is growing by leaps and bounds. They're not necessarily the highest paying jobs, but you will become "rich" in experience!

Are these good jobs?

Yes! Having a job teaches so many life skills that you don’t get from school or life at home.

Time Management

One of the biggest lessons is time-management. In school, you learn to get up at basically the same time every day. When you have a job, it’s likely that you’ll have alternating shifts where you start early or late. Being on time is a big deal, and once you’ve learned to manage this skill, you will earn the respect of your employer and anyone else you want to meet.


Supervision in school is different than having a boss. A boss will likely train you and give you direction. Every piece of the training process is important, because your boss is trying to determine whether or not you are paying attention and measures your capacity to follow orders.

Money Management

Earning a wage is different than getting an allowance. Money earned is valuable and income is the first step in setting up a budget. Budgeting is a lifelong lesson that will pay dividends the sooner you master it.

Being Part Of A Team

If you played sports in school, you likely understand the concept of being a member of a team. I’ve learned some of the best skills from my work teammates. This also teaches you to understand why someone is chosen for a particular skill. A good boss (and coach) can identify skillsets and match the employee to the job.

Customer Service

You’ve been a customer and have probably experienced good and bad service. Well, providing world-class customer service is the hallmark of many major corporations throughout the world and that’s not just in the retail or food industries. The sooner you learn to win a customer, the greater it will help you to be the kind of employee that any corporation would want.

You may be surprised at who has worked retail, restaurant or any other service-type job as a first or early job. Be proud of your work history as I’m sure the following individuals are proud of theirs:

Lois Kolkhorst

Early job: Summer sales job at KWHI

Current job: Texas State Senator

Ricky Dixon

Early job: Working in a concession stand selling sodas

Current job: President at Blue Bell Creameries

Milton Tate:

Early job: Working in a book store

Current job: Mayor of Brenham

Mary Hensley

First job: Department store clerk

Current job: Chancellor of the Blinn College District

John Durrenberger

Early job: Helper on a beer truck

Current job: Washington County Judge

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